I am from Berlin in Germany and I love this city very much..

Hello Supportteam

I use the Silica Calender Version 1.02.

He show me 4 April 2010 but not Sunday he show me Thursday

Is there a possibility to change the weekday ?

Thank you for your help in advance greets from Martin.

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Change Firefox Icon

Mar 9, 2010 9:56 PM by Discussion: Help

I write a tutorial with the theme 'how to change the firefox.exe icon'.

The problem is that my Englisch is not good enough to write it in Englisch.

Here are many people who make nice customize but with the IconPackager you can't change all icons.

I write this that people can change these icons where not changed with IconPackager but it is only in German. ( link )

So I hope to find here somebody who can translate my tutorial in Englisch to puplic it here. [e digicons];)[/e]

Thank you for your help in advance.. [e digicons]:thumbsup:[/e]

Here you can see the result from my work:

It work with the ResourceHacker and I like to show you how you can make it..





Nice greats from Martin and his two budgerias.

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Mar 5, 2010 1:09 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk

Thank you all for 10.000 downloads in this short time.

My Member Since is/was Jan 17, 2010.

Greets from

Martin and his two budgerigars

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I install the iconpackager one week ago.Today I look in my cursorfolder (C:\Windows\Cursor) and see that some of my old Cursor show me wrong.If I open the same folder with the "Systesteuerung-->Maus-->Zeigeroptionen" than they show correct...:

This effect was'nt bevor the Iconpackager.In the Wndows,Cursor folder the beam_i icon is one of my icon where I use in the iconpackager. (MozillaFirefox).With some other cursor I have the same effect.If I use them in Windows they work correct...

Did someone know this effect or have the same or know why it is so?

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Feb 13, 2010 4:48 PM by Discussion: IconPackager Tutorials

I have the IconPackager since one week and look what I can do with them.I like the Vista folder but I don't like there colour.So I change the blue to anthracite.Here is the result:

The folder inside of the red area are the result in my picture folder.The other are in

32bit: 256px 64px 32px 16px

8bit: 64px 48px 32px 16px

4bit: 48px 32px 16px

I have only one little problem:in the first version I have a little mistake in the closed folder (you can see it in the red area by 'Entwürfe'. I change that Icon and refresch my pack but the mistake doesn't change..

Did somebody know why it show the old version?

I save all new and make a new-start but it's the same effect...

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Feb 13, 2010 11:09 AM by Discussion: Stardock Support General

I create some Icons with the IconPackager and want upload them here inthe gallery.

But I get this information:

Your skin has failed to upload.....and: The skin file you are attempting is not valid ?!

I save my work with the IconPackager as anthracite Iconpack.ip. The Icons are in : 32bit: 256px 64px 32 px 16px 8bit: 64px 32px 16px and in 4bit 64px 32px 16px

Now I don't know what I make wrong ?


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Jan 25, 2010 6:58 PM by Discussion: Stardock Support General

I submit a Wallpaper and can't found it in the gallery.I am sure that I don't activated the option "Show only on my gallery"

I hope you can help me why it is so...

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